P.O. Box 10935 Glendale,
Arizona 85318-0935
P.O. Box 10935 Glendale,
Arizona 85318-0935

Wireframing & Prototyping Scottsdale

Wireframing & Prototyping is an essential part of the software application development process.  It provides project managers, stakeholders and programmers a skeletal framework used to manage component development.  This process is also used so project managers can get a closer look at the fundamental programming requirements, business logic and algorithms necessary to complete source code development.

Wireframes, with the aid of wireframing software tools, are indispensable when the project is complex and requires multiple sprints.  Prototyping, on the other hand, gives testers and users a firsthand experience of the interface before any source code is developed.  This is essential when the solution under consideration is so complex that stakeholders and managers have difficulty explaining on paper how the feature or algorithm works.  Though it may not look exactly like the final application, a prototype will correctly mimic needed functionality.  When demonstrated through a prototype, users and stakeholders can experience functionality and provide invaluable feedback regarding changes and next steps.

Another major benefit of wireframing and prototyping is providing cost estimators and project managers a complete Statement of Work (SOW) used to determine actual development costs, often times to an exact dollar amount.  This eliminates scope creep and keeps scope bloat out of the way of actual development requirements.

ScottsdaleBizz develops both low- and high-fidelity wireframes, along with functioning prototype applications.  With over 20,000 completed wireframes, we have the experience and know-how needed to provide your project a complete picture of the conceptualized software, website or mobile application you are considering.

Our Wireframing and Prototyping Services:

  1. UX/UI architecture and design
  2. Low- and high-fidelity design schemas
  3. Low- and high-fidelity wireframing/prototyping
  4. Rapid application development prototyping

We use world class wireframing and prototyping tools like Balsamiq, LucidCharts, Pen-to-Paper and File Maker Pro.  For high-fidelity wireframing and complex application development, we use WireAtlas.

We are ready to help you with your next great idea!  Call our Phoenix office to discuss your project at 623-322-1417.


We are ready to help you with your next great idea!

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