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Scottsdale Bizz provides strategic business solutions for the small business enterprise, particularly to businesses with less than 200 employees, and with a keen specialization toward businesses serving the B2b, AEC, manufacturing, financial and technology sectors.


Web-based, Mobile and Custom Software Development Company

Scottsdale Bizz is an Arizona software development company serving Scottsdale, Maricopa County, and the entire Arizona marketplace. We provide software, mobile, and web development services for companies large and small, but even more importantly, we serve the small business community by delivering what we ourselves want; trust, attention to detail, outstanding communications and an ability to take complex ideas and meld them together to form business solutions that streamline, systematize and strengthen your small business for growth and sustainability for years to come.

Our Services

Providing Business Growth Strategies for Scottsdale Businesses

Scottsdale Bizz converts business goals into process-driven and time-saving functional solutions that truly deliver. We meet with you, your stakeholders, and your key team members to conjure, define, scope, build and release mission-critical software that streamlines your business, your work-flow, your employees, and your processes. Our core strengths include providing web-based, cloud-based, mobile (Apple & Android), and custom software.

Scottsdale Software Development Company


Our custom software applications are developed on the Microsoft framework, allowing our clients to capitalize on the latest technologies available in the…

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Top Mobile App Development Company In Scottsdale, Arizona

MobileApp Development

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Web Design Scottsdale


Without the right design behind your project effort, you’ll have a solution, but a solution you will never be happy with. At…

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Scottsdale Web Development Company


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Digital Marketing Scottsdale


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Wireframing & Prototyping Scottsdale

Wireframing& Prototyping

At Scottsdale Bizz, we don’t wireframe and prototype web applications and mobile apps because it’s fun. We do it so that for…

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custom software

Custom Software Development

Scottsdale Bizz offers our customers a proprietary six-step development model we spent two decades developing.

As with every project, we take your business idea and carefully craft the required documentation needed to ensure project success. From the initial discovery calls to the online (remote) meetings required to uncover not only the business and functional project requirements but the user stories and tactics that are unique to every business.

Custom software, done right, not only streamlines your current business model, it scales your business allowing you to improve your sales cycle, more quickly address AR/AP processes, and so much more. With a well-defined analysis and attention to detail, a custom software system can also provide analytics and aggregate reports in minutes that before might have taken weeks to amass. can take what otherwise might take weeks to generate that service of custom software development to our clients.

Our architects, PM’s, and developers, each with years of experience, know the right questions to ask. Using the most up-to-date remote communication tools, we work with you, and your teams, including marketing, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and sales to develop a cohesive application solution that combines all the different facets of your business into a single destination web-based or enterprise solutions.

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Custom Software Development Services

Serving the desert community of Scottsdale, Scottsdale Bizz is your local technology resource. We provide numerous technology services including web development, cloud hosting solutions, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile app development for Android, iOS (Xcode) and Windows, web design for non-retail projects, as well as custom-developed software solutions. Additionally, for well-established businesses, Scottsdale Bizz provides access to some of our lending resources (for projects under $250K) and capital investors (for projects from $250K to $1MM).

Across the country, business owners are quickly realizing the importance of how a custom software solution can not only solve complex business problems but create a competitive stance in the marketplace. This promotes a more productive work environment, helps establish long-term sustainability for your business, as well as promoting a safer work environment for on-site personnel.

Why businesses are investing in custom software?

2020 saw the business world change seemingly forever, fast. Nowhere has that change occurred more than in the small business sector. No one is immune — and as the old saying goes, “adapt or perish”. Today, small businesses must find ways to automate, increase or improve the sales-cycle process, lessen manufacturing time, produce more with fewer people, and lastly, establish your business as a fully “remote” operation, and the most cost-efficient way to accomplish these goals is by creating custom solutions designed specifically for your business.


Mobile App Development

It's hard to believe that smartphones didn't exist in 2000, yet today, the world appears seemingly impossible to navigate without them, and with all the coming changes in mobile technology, 5G, and breakneck wi-fi speeds, mobile usage among consumers and businesses alike will eclipse anything in past history. Smart businesses know this and are taking action. For smalls businesses, Scottsdale Bizz applies a proven, time-tested strategy that produces best-in-class mobile apps. Our process includes concept and feasibility, then UX/UI design and architecture. Once all the documentation is assembled, we then begin rapid development of your source code, whether for Xcode, Android, Windows, or a combination of the three. Once coding is complete, the software then undergoes rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), after which the source code is sent to Apple and Android for licensing approval. Once approved, your mobile app enters the marketplace for wide-scale use. At Scottsdale Bizz, we are ready to serve and we want to be your go-to mobile app development partner.


Conceptualization & Wireframes

Conceptualization is a silo until you use wireframes to identify every mobile screen of your project.


UX/UI Design & Development

Every time you hear someone remark how easy it was to navigate a mobile app, you have your first insight that behind the scenes, serious UX/UI occurred.


Development & Source Coding

Like the children's storybook, you can build a house of straw or you can build a house of bricks. Source code is no different. It can either be flimsy and poorly coded, or it can be built to support thousands of concurrent users. At Scottsdale Bizz, we like bricks.


Data Synchronization

Mobile isn't only about what happens while a user has a wi-fi connection, it's about what happens when a user is offline without a connection or cell tower triangulation. At Scottsdale Bizz, we know how to ensure that data synchronization is done right, online, and off.


UAT Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is an area of mobile specialization development completely separate from programming, and for good reason. Our UAT team testers learn your mobile solutions the right way so they understand how to validate exactly how the technology should work.



Done right, deployment of a well-orchestrated mobile project takes just 10 seconds, but beyond the moment of triumph comes continuous improvement and maintenance, something Scottsdale Bizz understands and applies with every project.

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