How Using Custom Software Can Be Applied to Increase the Operational Efficiency of Solar Panels

May 20, 2022

By: John Tomblin, Senior Solutions Architect
Scottsdale Bizz, a division of Sofvue, LLC
Printed with permission of Data Titan, Sofvue LLC, and the author

The demand for solar panels is increasing more than ever. As a result, the global solar panels market size was valued at $30.16 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $180.21 billion, growing at a CAGR of 22.5% from 2022 to 2030.

One of the major components associated with operating solar panel grid-tiered power systems is the software that operates seamlessly in the background. Custom-developed software can help produce 3D models, calculating photovoltaic shading, configuring the storage system, and analyzing the finances (business plan).

Role of Software in Improving Solar Panel Operations

If you are currently in the business or planning to start a solar panel business, you must have some understanding of how software can play a role in improving not only the operational efficiency of the panels being produced but also the business itself.

1. Calculate Solar Irradiation Data

Tailored software solutions for solar panels can help estimate the photovoltaic solar energy production, including solar irradiation data offered by the climatic data references available worldwide.

You can use this data to build a personal archive of solar radiation data with the climatic data gathered from other databases or direct measurements.

Furthermore, this will help you directly study the effects of photovoltaic shading caused by obstacles (like buildings, mountains, buildings, etc.) on the solar panels. You can use these insights to improve the amount of solar that can be produced through the solar panels. You can also automatically manage shadow projection between parallel rows by calculating the minimum module row spacing across different surface types.

2. Powerful 3D BIM Modeler

You might also want to design and optimize photovoltaic systems based on your business’s unique needs. That’s where a 3D BIM modeler can help. 3D BIM, aka 3D Building Image Modeling.

When off-the-shelf solutions are not enough, a custom-designed software solution from Scottsdale Bizz, a leading software development company in Scottsdale, can help you design any type of photovoltaic system from scratch using AutoCAD or tools like Edifcus, a BIM technology offered from Acca Software

When you make a 3D BIM modeler, you can:

1. Easily specify the building footprint, surfaces, and obstacles.

2. Use unique, dedicated objects to represent key components, such as electric switch panels, inverters, and PV generators.

Furthermore, using BIM tools will help you understand how the installation will happen in different terrains. You can even analyze the conditions of photovoltaic systems in real-time and identify what can affect them (shading, irradiation, inclination, orientation, etc.).

3. Automatically Generate Reports and Insights

Tailored solar panel software provides access to crucial construction documents and reports with critical data. Here are data that you can attain:

Photovoltaic System Report: Provides a complete and detailed description of the system’s characteristics.

Photovoltaic System Diagram: Offers insights to switchboards, cables, protection devices, etc.

Cost Estimates: When installing the solar panels, you’ll need to give the customer a viable estimate based on the number of panels they will need, along with installation parts, their costs, and any other ancillary costs associated with the estimate.

Financial report: These reports highlight the Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI’s) that affect the company’s bottom line, such as IRR, NPV, cash flow, expenses, etc.

Need More Features?

The solar industry is as wide and diverse as the number of fish in the ocean.  That said, we are software development experts in the marketplace.  Our team can create multi-faceted solutions that address your business’s unique goals, and our architects and analysts can work with you are your stakeholders to develop a feature-rich and functional software or mobile app solution while maximizing your company’s “project spend”. Would you like to learn more, give Scottsdale Bizz a call at 623-845-2747

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