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It’s 2020 and all the rules are different now. In fact, we’re not even sure what the news rules are. What we do know are three market facts.  First, everyone is buying more online today than at any time in prior history.  Second, home delivery growth has exploded in recent months, and third, a growing remote workforce allows remote workers, working from home to place and receive orders for their businesses right from there home computer.

According to Katie Evans, in a recent article from Digital Commerce 360 (, published July 13, 2020, “… total U.S. online sales reached $73.2 billion in June year over year, up 76.2% compared with $41.5 billion a year earlier…”. Further, eMarketer (, in an article titled “Food and Beverage Will See Biggest Gains in Retail Ecommerce Sales Growth This Year“, published July 28, 2020, said: “We forecast that food and beverage will be the fastest-growing e-commerce category this year, with year-over-year growth of 58.5%, followed by health/personal care/beauty at 32.4%, amid the shift to purchasing of essential goods through digital channels.

Scottsdale Bizz offers the right technology and the right package solutions for e-Commerce etailers to compete and grow their business.

The Power of e-Commerce in the Technology Age

The Power of e-Commerce in the Technology Age

Online is here and over the course of the 2020s, its growth will eclipse everything achieved in e-Commerce over the past two decades. For e-Commerce projects, Scottsdale Bizz has a simple philosophy. We approach every project with two overarching goals. First, we meticulously screen your project by having at least one or two discovery calls, this to determine your project deliverables bring a significant ROI to the project and your company. Second, we carefully review your inventory, logistical, and supply-chain management goals, to ensure a custom solution is required (not all e-Commerce solutions are created equally), especially given the plethora of online e-Commerce solutions already available.

Know Your e-Commerce Audience

With e-Commerce solutions developed by Scottsdale Bizz, gain deep reporting insight about your customers, trends, buying habits, predictive product placement and so much more.

Brand Awareness

With Scottsdale Bizz driving your e-commerce technology, we not only develop state-of-the-art e-Commerce sites, but we develop the SEO and branding tactics required to spread the news about your e-Commerce site to your specific audience.

Customer Acquisition

Goal 1 is getting customers to your e-commerce site. Goal 2 is procuring a sale and goal 3 is getting your customers to return for subsequent purchases. Do this, and word of mouth will spread which in turn will help with new customer acquisitions.

Streamlined Efficiency

With the right SKU inventory controls, recurring order management tools, automatic vendor re-ordering, and efficient logistical and shipping controls, your e-Commerce will become the most streamlined component of your entire business operation.

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ScottsdaleBizz helps Businesses Fulfill their e-Commerce Business Goals

We understand your business goals. We also understand your customers’ goals. With the deep experience we have in both, we design your online store to exceed your customers’ expectations while simultaneously developing and deploying an effective marketing strategy, and in today’s ever-increasing competitive marketplace, branding in critical. Beyond quick check-out, seamless logistics and rocket fast shipping, consumers are demanding more, including;


User-Friendly Designs

Today, the standards for every e-Commerce store include fast navigation, beautifully efficient UX/UI, and dynamic ever-changing content. To achieve this goal, the site's design must be responsive across multiple devices and platforms. At Scottsdale Bizz, we have the tools to ensure that's exactly what happens.


Flexible searches

Flexible product search takes us back to the ROI conversation. Search volume of keywords, and where those pages rank in the major search engines determine the success or failure of your e-Commerce site. Done right, your store's site can pull flexible search traffic from across the web directly to your homepage.


Product Filtering

Product filtering is everything. Is the consumer looking for a Pyramid putter or a Cobra King putter to complete the golf club set? With the right product identification, keyword SKU identifiers, and product cross-referencing, your site will provide for a far greater shopping experience along with more up-sale products in their shopping cart.


Dynamic and Consistently Visible Shopping Cart

Providing a visually appealing and forever visible shopping cart helps prevents shopping cart abandonment. With the right UX/UI strategy, it also optimizes your shopping cart so your consumer to purchase ratios go up, not down.


Payment confirmation

The first 10 seconds post-purchase often determine whether a consumer will ever return to your e-Commerce store. With this caveat in mind, payment confirmation displayed to the consumer from your store must be fast -- really fast. They must also receive the email confirmation in seconds. At Scottsdale Bizz, we know how to ensure this happens.


Shipping options

Shipping options must include multiple delivery options, and the database driving the API's with the major shipping providers (FedEx, UPS, Postmates, XPO, USPS, Amazon, etc.) must run the needed calculations in milliseconds, not seconds. This allows consumers to see real-time instant information so they can make split-second decisions and move forward.

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