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As our world becomes more technology savvy, creating custom apps provides a way of making day-to-day tasks and remote work not only possible but probable.

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Mobile App development requires a development plan, patience, and creativity to develop a solution that is useful, visually appealing and functional.  To accomplish this, a development team must remain focused on several fronts of the software development process.  The app must be data-centric, user-friendly, and above all, secure.  The project must also take into consideration both the first release and the continuous app updates that accompany every viable mobile project.

Work Process

Work Process

Our app development team will guide you through the many facets of a project which can vary greatly according to each individual project. Every project undergoes a clearly defined process to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Concept & Design

At the start of every project, and after having the initial discovery calls, our architects and UX/UI designers work with you and your stakeholders, managers, and staff identifying and creating the needed wireframes associated with your project. This is the first required step for every project. It is only after you have approved every wireframe that programming work should and can commence.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements, well documented, achieve two core objectives. First, they identify what shall be measured throughout the project's lifecycle. Second, they provide a roadmap to establish, post-launch, whether all the requirements were accomplished.

Application Development

Once all the wireframes and/or prototype are complete, programming work beings. Your project size determines whether you need one programmer or a dozen. Whichever the case, coding, when completed, undergoes cross-verification by other programmers, then a rigid QA and UAT phase. It's only after the source code completes all required validation that it can be released to a production environment.

Publishing on Google Play and Apple Store

Once all coding and testing work is complete, and after you have approved all the source code, we work with you to have your applications submitted and approved by Apple and Google. Once approved, the app becomes consumable from the various platforms. From this point forward, we help you manage your hosting platform to ensure you have the best possible bandwidth performance and metrics money can buy, based on your budget.

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Our Approach to App Development

At Scottsdale Bizz, our clients and their business goals come first. Our team of architects, project managers, analysts, hosting experts, programmers, and designers work seamlessly together to fulfill client app development objectives. Our experienced professionals take a holistic approach to manage each client’s specific business needs. We achieve this by using the best possible tools and resources available across the marketplace. From online kanban’s or our own custom developed software architectural resource tools, each project is given the time and resources it needs to ensure success.



We take your business goals and our proven processes and join them together to create the right strategy for your project.



Whether your project has ten or ten-thousand components, we take the time needed to create the right design to support your project's technical solution design.



Code, test, QA and UAT. These are the development steps included with every project, supported by our expert project managers and project owners.


Mobile App Testing

Scottsdale Bizz app testers and QA professionals provide high yield and reliable mobile app testing services for your business application.

Our Promise to You

There's a simple reason we've continued to thrive in a marketplace that has seen two major economic downturns since our founding in 2004. We put you and project goals first, period. It is something we talk about every day with our teams and it shows in the projects we earn across numerous market segments, including automotive, media, education, healthcare, bioscience, tourism, insurance, financial services, and real estate, to name a few. Let us bring this same experience to your project so both our companies can continue to thrive... even if the market decides to take a coffee break.

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