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Scottsdalebizz is an SEO service provider agency in Scottsdale.  When you want to be ranked on Page 1 of the Google search results, call us.  Given the state of the small business marketplace, and in particular the marketplace in 2020 and 2021, it’s even more critical today than ever before to use SEO services to rank your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on two goals.  The first is helping your company’s website place into a high-ranking position on Google search results.  The second is increasing the number of calls and inquires your business needs to both sustain and grow.

According to a Statista in and April 2020 report, over 86% of all search web traffic comes from Google.  That makes Google the defacto destination for which nearly all web searches begin and end.  With this point in mind, you cannot grow your business without a successful SEO program in place, and more specifically, a Google SEO program.

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Reach Your Business Goals with Scottsdale SEO

Reach Your Business Goals with Scottsdale SEO

SEO specialists analyze, review and implement changes to your website so that the site is "fully optimized", this so it can be seen by the major search engines. Process goals are to first increase a page ranking so it appears in the first few pages of a Google inquiry based on keywords used. Over the span of the next several months (typically 3-6 months), our specialists continue, review and make changes to your site, often on a daily and weekly basis, to improve age ranking on the different search engines. Done right, and allowing the process to work, we can increase a page's ranking so it displays on Page 1 of a Google search.

Website Visibility

Do a search for "great burgers near me" and you'll get thousands of restaurants and burger joints in the area, and based on current market reports, there's a 60% chance that a consumer will pick where they are going to eat from the first two pages of the search results. So, whether you are selling hamburgers or insurance, your SEO strategy determines success or failure on the major search engines.

Quality Traffic

SEO not only attracts traffic but quality traffic on your website. Why, because instead of your company "pushing" solicitations by mail, email, ads, television or other forms of media, SEO relies on "pulling" consumers who are looking for your specific offering at the exact moment they need it. Using SEO, your business by consumers right when they need your product or services.

Higher ROI, Lower Costs

SEO is less expensive than other forms of advertising like television advertising, Facebook Ads and many others. Television advertising and ads on the major social media sites can cost thousands of dollars, but the reason SEO is so popular is because of it's low cost to entry and it's lower than usual per-customer acquisition costs. In other words, SEO provides more ROI than other forms of advertising.

Beat the Competition

Today, B2c and B2b firms realize that SEO isn't an option... it's a must-have. As competition increases, or in some cases when business contracts, business owners must find a way to continue driving sales, and one way to stay in front of the competition is by using SEO strategies that work, and nowhere will you find a better company that can provide this solution than Scottsdale Bizz.

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Our Approach to SEO

SEO services are in a constant state of change, can sometimes be complex and are always evolving with new tools and technology. Our approach involves learning your business and crafting a plan with the right tactics and right budget to ensure you land on Page 1 of the Google search engine result pages.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important aspect of any successful SEO campaign. It creates the marketing plan that will be used to create an optimized website, and as a consequence, more traffic and more calls to your place of business or office.


Competition Analysis

As part of the master plan, we create a Competitor Keyword Analysis that is used to determine what keywords are being used by your competitor's ad campaigns.


SEO Audit Report

Our SEO specialists will guide you through the issues and opportunities found on every website. In fact, we do the same exact on Scottsdale Bizz every month, this to ensure that not only do you continue to remain relevant with your current SEO, but your future marketing plans as well.


On Page Optimization or site optimization

We ensure you will have a website that remains in good standing while simultaneously ranking on Page 1 of the search results. We work with you to identify current market trends for your business niche. We then take this information and ensure it's being applied to your site's content, metadata on keyword searches, along with search engine knowledge.


Link Building and off-page optimization

Link building and completing a backlink analysis for your website helps produce the needed roadmap for creating backlinks and off-page optimization.


Monitor ranking and keep updating content

Content is king. We work with you and your team to ensure that your site content is relevant, fresh and maintained. The better your content... the higher Google and the other search engines will rank your site. This strategy will incorporate citation building and cleaning, reviews, outreach, and more.

How Our SEO Experts Can Help You To Grow Your Business

SEO focuses on to maximizing traffic to your site by improving page rank within search engines. Hiring an SEO expert at Scottsdale Bizz is the right choice for beginning your SEO campaign.

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